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Those who have been following us for a while (and if you don’t, please like our pages on Facebook and on Instagram 😜) know that Iran is one of our top picks. And we don’t write about them just to be controversial to what the big media say. We genuinely love the country. We know we are not alone and, if you are reading this, you are probably one step away from falling in love with them too! So here it goes a guide to what to do in Iran, a complete itinerary to all the best cities.

What to do in Iran

Going to Pasargad, near Shiraz

*Best time to travel to Iran: During the mild temperatures of autumn (September to December) and spring (March to June).

*Advice: Despite being a beautiful country with many things to do, the best of this trip is simply to get lost, to walk about and talk to people. Allow yourself to accept all the invitations for picnics, dinners and barbecues and prepare yourself to experience the best hospitality in the world.

Tehran (we recommend 3 to 4 days)
What to do in Iran

The Golestan Palace

Tehran is one of the cities with the largest number of urban parks in the world. The capital of Iran is super interesting, cultural and artistic. There, you will have no problems in finding what to do.

What to do in Tehran:
  • Golestan Palace;
  • National museum;
  • Tower Azadi;
  • Tabiat Bridge: known as Nature Bridge, it was architect by an Iranian girl and is a meeting point for couples and families. Try to visit in the late afternoon when the place is full and the weather is delicious;);
  • Valiasr Street: the longest street in the Middle East and a meeting place for young people at night;
  • Darband: a neighbourhood in the mountains that is full of restaurants and shops. This is also the beginning of a two-day walk that many people like to do (Iranians love nature);
  • Central Bazaar: we are not adept at shopping and therefore we do not find the place to be anything but, but for those who like this kind of environment, you cannot lose;
  • Visit many parks: get lost at night and be invited to have a picnic with some of the families that are there (seriously just walk through the parks and wait for the invitation);

*Bonus: In the winter, it is possible to ski in Tehran. We did not test (we travel in midsummer), but we heard that the tracks are good;)

What to do in Iran

The Tabiat Bridge in Tehran

Isfahan (we recommend from 2 to 3 days)

What to do in Iran

The symbol of the city

Isfahan is an open air museum, one of the finest examples of the Persian and the Islamic architecture.

It was the capital of the Persian Empire between 1592 and 1722 and nowadays is known as “Half the World“, an allusion for caring half of all the beauties in the world.

The city has amazing gardens, squares, mosques, bazaars, among other buildings to be visited.

What to do in Iran

The Si-o-seh pol Bridge of Isfahan

What to do in Isfahan:
  • Imam Square;
  • Sheik Lotfollah Mosque;
  • Khaju Bridge;
  • Shah Mosque;
  • Bazaar of Isfahan.
What to do in Iran

The market in the main square of Isfahan

Do you already know how to dress in Iran?

Shiraz (we recommend 3 days)
What to do in Iran

The beautiful Pink Mosque in Shiraz

One of the most important cities in Iran, Shiraz is an important cultural and intellectual spot (not to mention that the Shiraz wine was invented there!😜).

Shiraz is the best starting point for getting to know the ancient capitals of the Persian Empire: Pasargada and Persepolis! Add to your itinerary to the Necropolis that is on the way between the two capitals.

What to do in Shiraz:
  • Aramgah-e Shar-e Cheragh: a magnificent ensemble of buildings, mausoleums and mosque. They provide a free guide in English. Oh, and women have to wear the shador (that garment that covers everything but the face), but rest assured they’ll get you one at the entrance;
  • Aramgah-e Hzez: the tomb of the great Persian poet Hafez;
  • Mosque Nasir-al-molk: the famous pink mosque;
  • Persepolis;
  • Pasargada: Yes, it really exists!
What to do in Iran

Details of the old Persian capital, Persepolis

Yazd (we recommend 2 to 3 days)
What to do in Iran

Appreciating the silence on the Silent Temple, Yazd

This town is nearby the desert, so make sure to avoid the hottest seasons (we didn’t and we regret. 😒).

Yazd has one of the largest Zoroastrian populations in Iran and is the perfect place for learning more about the world’s first monotheistic religion. The Zoroastrian slogan is “Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Attitudes” (or پندار نیگ گفتار نیک کردار نیک). Cute, right? We like it so much that we decided to tattoo it 🙂

What to do in Yazd:
  •  Attend a presentation by Pahlevani, the Iranian wrestling training
  •  Visit the Zoroastra Atashkadeh Temple: where there is a flame that is said to have been burning for 1500 years. The zoroastras have the four elements of nature as sacred, so the life-fire is
  •  Old Town;
  •  Mesquita Jame;
  •  Templo do Silêncio.
What to do in Iran

Woman wandering about in the Silent Temple, Yazd

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