The Project

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Monday Feelings is for those of us who are tired of counting the hours until the end of the day, counting the days until the weekend, counting the weeks until the holidays. It is for those of us who are familiar with the office’s small talk, which on Monday is all about complaining that the week has just started, and from Tuesday to Thursday is all about Friday is coming, and on Friday is all about how the weekend is here. At Monday Feelings we promote living the moment and making Monday as good as any other day! Because you do not just do what you love, but you love what you do.

We often hear people saying “I wish I was this, I wish I was that” or “I wish I had the money to do this or the courage to try something new”. Well, there will always be an excuse that will make you feel less guilty for the things you have not done yet.

We have also been there. But now we decided it was time to do what feels right. If it feels right to make your living jumping from planes, sitting in an office or cleaning streets, do it and do it the best you can.

What feels right to us is travelling! That is what makes us happy. We want to discover all the hidden stories embedded deep within cultures; unveil mysteries we cannot believe without witnessing; meet people we would never imagine we one day would; and obviously, be fascinated by places which we never even imagined existed.

This space is reserved to show others – and perhaps encourage them too – our decision to do what we want with the least possible. We are leaving behind a life of insecurities, status in life and non-achieved goals. No more wishing and excuses. We are travelers and we are doing it without what most people assume is needed to do it. We want to prove it is possible by sharing our photos and stories, as we are not the first ones to do it and will not be the last ones too.

We also reserve this space for people interested in other cultures and the history of other countries. We will not say this is a guide, even though our experience may serve as one. We will say that this is an inspiration, that little push, a small nudge, so you can also follow your instincts and do what feels right for you.