Travel Book Nomad - a book about the nomadic culture

Nomad tells the story of our two months travelling between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, portraying the culture of the nomads of Central Asia, including the draught of the Aral Sea, the ancient cities of the Silk Route and the most gorgeous landscape of the region. It's ideal for everyone who likes travelling, culture, art, history and nomadic culture. It is also a great present to give to people you care!

Travel Book Nomad front and back cover

The history of humanity begins with the movement of men migrating from Africa. The planet Earth itself is constantly in motion. We are all nomads. That is our true essence. We are born this way and we will die this way.

Askhat Akibaev - Creator of the World Nomad Games

What people are saying

Luiz Cesar Peres Portrait

Luiz Cesar Peres.Writer and doctor.

I loved every word and every photo. The writing took me to travel in my mind through this different and very beautiful world. The photos are wonderful and show that this is not a fictional work, but deeply real. Nomadism is the origin of human dispersion, but carried out with microscopic steps over hundreds of thousands of years. Today, you can in theory go anywhere on the planet in hours (at least it was like that before Covid-19). However, only sees the beauty of it those who don't simply see, but rather perceives the world through the eyes of the other, as it clearly does in the book. Congratulations on the book and thanks for taking me on this adventure.

Felipe Atra portrait

Felipe Atra.Direct, Script writer and TV Producer.

The best book I could have at this moment for me.

Book specifications

Format: 15cm x 15cm x 2cm
Weight: 0.6Kg
Authors: Fernanda Kiehl e Tiago Ferraro
Publisher: Inverso
100 pages
Language: Bilingual (Portuguese and English)
Price: R$ 99 (US$ 20)

livro  de viagem nômade empilhado

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