Lake Bled in Slovenia, one of the most beautiful places in the world

The beauty of Bled Lake in Slovenia
The beauty of Bled Lake in Slovenia
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Lake Bled in Slovenia is undoubtedly the most famous sight in the country. The image of the huge greenish lake with a charming islet in the middle, surrounded by the Alps and with a medieval castle on top of a 100 meters cliff fills the imagination of almost every traveller.

Drone shot of Lake Bled in Slovenia with its famous islet in the middle
Lake Bled’s famous islet in the middle

We were at Lake Bled during a bike trip we did from Italy to Slovenia and were absolutely in love with its prettiness. Over two wheels, we could really explore the region and confirm that Bled has others not-to-be-missed prettiness which goes beyond the lake. Check in here a complete list of everything to see, to do and to taste in this Slovenian paradise.

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Things to do in Lake Bled in Slovenia

  • Wander around Lake Bled:

The Lake Bled is about 6km long and completely going around it won’t take more than 2 hours – not including the uncountable stops to contemplate the landscape, of course :). You can go around the lake by foot or bike (available for rent pretty much everywhere).

The way is a bit bumpy. Even though we went there by bike, we think by foot might be a bit more pleasant.

  • Swimming and/or enjoying some water activities:

The water in Bled is clean and perfect for a swim during the summer time. For those willing to explore further the beauty of the lake, a good option is to rent a boat, kayak or a stand-up paddle in any of the many rental places of the region.

The medieval castle on top of a cliff in Lake Bled in Slovenia
Lake Bled’s Castle

Speaking of water ???? , did you know Slovenia was the first country in Europe to put in its Constitution the right to clean water as a fundamental right to all its citizens? The country’s prime minister, Milo Cerar, called water the “gold liquid” of the XXI century and said the bill aims to protects this national good before the increasing international corporation lobby to privatize the water sources. Awesome, right?

  • Visit Lake Bled’s Island:

The Bled’s Island is not just the most charming island in Slovenia. It is also the only one in the whole country!

You can only get there by a pletna, which is a kind of gondola and costs 14 Euros per person – return. There is no entrance fee for the island, though you have to pay if you want to visit the Church of the Assumption of Mary – Adults: €6; Students: €4.

The little island is also a destination for many Slovenians dreaming to get married over there. Don’t be surprised if a wedding ceremony will be taking place when you are there. Tradition has it that the groom must carries the bride on his arms over the 99 steps that take to the church’s doors as a sign of good luck. Another superstition is to ring the bell of the church to make your wish come true.

Lake Bled in Slovenia with its charming island in the middle
Lake Bled’s islet

PS – we decided to not go to the Bled’s Island because what called our attention the most was the view from outside with the island in its middle rather than the other way round. But we met with other travellers who did the tour and loved it, so it is up to you. Just don’t forget to let us know 😉

  • Climb up to Lake Bled’s Castle:

This medieval castle dates back to the XI Century and it was almost entirely refurbished on the XVI Century. As it is atop the cliff by the lake, the view from up there is spectacular.

There is a €10 entrance fee to get inside the castle – €7 for students, €5 for children up to 14 years old. We heard from many people that is not a must, considering that you can easily go around and have the same view. That one, though, is a must. Just by its right side, you have a mesmerizing view of the lake and its island. A good tip from Lonely Planet is to book a table at the Castle Restaurant you will have a beautiful view as well as nice food, and avoid the entrance fee of the castle.

Standing by the Castle at Lake Bled in Slovenia
The view from just next to the castle
  • Try the famous Bled’s Cream Cake or “kremšnita”:

It is a 60 years old recipe of this famous and delicious cake you ought to try. You will have no problems on finding it, as they are sold all over the country – probably cheaper than Bled, actually.

  • Visit Vintgar Gorge:

Just 4km away from Lake Bled, there is this stunning gorge you also must visit. You will see many natural pools along the 1.6km way over a wooden footbridge that crosses the river many times until arriving at the Sum Waterfall. You can get over there from Bled by taxi or make the trekking. It costs €5 to get in.

Vintgar Gorge one of the things to do next to Lake Bled in Slovenia
Vintgar Gorge
  • Go to Bohinj Lake:

The Bohink Lake is about 30km east of Bled. Although it doesn’t share the same fame as Bled, it is equally marvellous – if not more. Bohinj attracts many Slovenians who take advantage of the idyllic landscape to do sports or just relax over the weekend. We did the Bled-Bohinj course by bike and the landscape splendid.

Honestly, Bohinj is one of the most picturesque scenario we have ever seen. Moreover, the most famous waterfall of Slovenia is over there. The Savica Waterfall was even an inspiration for the Slovenian national anthem.

Ps – During our visit to Bohinj Lake we stayed in the Hostel Pod Voglom, a rather cozy hostel with private and shared rooms at a very relax part of the lake. We really recommend them for staying in for the night. You can even rent kayak equipments, go paragliding and many more sports.

Bohinj Lake just a few km away from Lake Bled in Slovenia, a must on anyone's itinerary
Bohinj Lake

How to get to Lake Bled in Slovenia

We have said in previous posts that the best way to explore Slovenia is definitely by car. It is a small country with natural wonders scattered all over. A car will give you the flexibility to explore even the most remote places. Another good option is to go by bike, as we did!

Nevertheless, if you rely on public transport, Bled is easily accessible by bus or train:

  • Bus: There are bus leaving from the capital Ljubljana every hour, arriving at the centre of Bled, just by the lake. The trip takes about 1h15 and costs about €6. See further info here.
  • Train: There are trains from Ljubljana as well to the “Lesce-Bled” station, about 4km from Bled. From there, you can wither walk, take a bus or a taxi to the lake.

Where to sleep and eat in Lake Bled in Slovenia:

The town has very good infrastructure and there are many options of restaurants and accommodations. If you are on a budget, a Monday Feelings tip is the restaurant by the bus station, a kebab place with a diverse menu. Very good and cheap.

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