The main house of a masseria in Puglia
The main house of the Tenuta la Baronessa

How it is to stay in a typical Masseria in Puglia: Review of the Tenuta la Baronessa

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During our bike trip in Italy, we stayed in a typical Italian masseria in Puglia and in this post we will tell you all about this experience. But before, just to give you a taste of what  is a masseria, have a look at the video we made for them:

Masserie in Puglia

The masserie – plural for masseria – are historical farms from either the 16th or 17th century, typical of the region of Puglia. We had the opportunity to stay in one of them – very sophisticated and traditional – during our trip around the “heel of the boot”, the Tenuta la Baronessa. We spent 4 days enjoying the resort, experiencing the best of their gastronomy as well as the tranquility of Salento’s countryside. Now, we share this experience with you and give you all the tips and hints for those willing to stay in a traditional masseria in Puglia.

Sunset in a Masseria in Puglia
The sunset in front of our room

One of the best masserie in Puglia: The Tenuta La Baronessa

The Tenuta la Baronessa is a very historical 4* masseria located in the Salento region, the most southern part of Puglia. It is also where you will find some of the most beautiful beaches as well. Without a doubt, it’s a perfect place that combines tradition, culture, modernity and hospitality.

Room of a Masseria in Puglia

This masseria is huge and has an incredible swimming pool, a very large garden with many different fruits and trees, a stable and shed for horses, cows and other animals as well as different types of accommodation, such as:

  • The Deluxe En-Suites: that’s where we stayed in. They are in the oldest and most historical building on the farm.
  • The Hotel Bedrooms: They are in the main building.
  • The apartments: It has a kitchen, a living room and bedrooms to accommodate families. Its architecture is rather curious. The family’s patriarch, father of Lara, the current owner and who we met, was an architect immigrant from Lebanon who build and designed the apartments. The design is a re-interpretation of the famous “trulli” of Puglia mixed with an Arabic touch. The results are modern trulli of reddish-earth colour, which contrast wonderfully well with the green of the surrounded nature and the blue of the swimming pool.
Aerial shot of a masseria in Puglia
Aerial shot of the masseria
Apartments with an interesting design in a masseria in Puglia
Apartments inspired by the Italian trulli and with a touch of Lebanon

Our Room at the Tenuta la Baronessa

As we have just said, we stayed in the Deluxe Room, which is part of the oldest and most historical building of the masseria. It’s a construction dated from the 16th century and still keeps part of the historic structure of the farm.

This is the building where you find the most luxurious and romantic accommodation. They are slightly away from the main house, but just by the swimming pool, offering privacy on the perfect dose. The bedrooms are big and has a rustic décor in accordance with the colonial farm. The frescoes on the ceiling were made by a local artist. He re-painted the ceiling inspired by the former paintings which embellished the old masseria.

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Room at a Masseria in Puglia

Room in a Masseria in Puglia

If you travel as a couple, surely this will be your best shot. On the other hand, for those travelling on a shorter budget, the en-suites of the hotel will be the best offer for you. However, if you are travelling with your family, the apartments will provide you with all the practicability of a house.

The breakfast at the masseria

The breakfast at a masseria in Puglia
Fresh fruits from the Masseria’s garden

What to say about Tenuta la Baronessa’s breakfast!

It’s a large buffet served every day in the main house in a restaurant with huge glass windows and surrounded by frescoes. That’s the atmosphere where guests enjoy the delicious food which is freshly prepared every morning, such as the natural yogurt, the fruity jams, cakes and many other local food, let alone the expected different types of breads, salamis, cheeses and so on.

As we were in the deluxe building, walking to and from the dining room was great to get us into the mood of the place – calm, relax and with no rush. Moreover, it was during the breakfast when we had the opportunity to get to know most of the staff of the Tenuta la Baronessa, whom made us feel like we were at home.

Dining room at a Masseria in Puglia
The dining room

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Near the beaches, far from the chaos”

One of the highlights of the Tenuta la Baronessa was the relaxing environment. Before arriving, we had been cycling for almost a month through the coast of Puglia and, although it wasn’t yet the high season, most of the beaches and attractions we passed were pretty busy. To arrive at the Tenuta La Baronessa and get into the rhythm of the locals was definitely a relief, both for the body and the mind.

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Even though it is located in the countryside of Puglia, in a village named Tuglie, the masseria offers the availability to be just 7km away from Galipolli, one of the most famous beaches of the region, as well as Torre San Cesario, Porto Selvaggio and may others. This proximity with these famous destinations makes the Tenuta la Baronessa the perfect place to enjoy the most beautiful and lively beaches of the region as well as relax as you should, by the pool and in contact with nature. As their website describes themselves: “near the beaches, far from the chaos”.

Bikes parked in front of a Masseria in Puglia
Arriving in the masseria after a month cycling

What have we liked the most?

In spite of all the comfort and perks of staying at the Tenuta la Baronessa, what we liked the most were the people who are behind it. From the team of staff to the owners, everybody is extremely welcoming, helpful and smiley!

It’s a rather luxury place. Nevertheless, they have never lost, in any moment, the informality and warmth of a family run business and you feel that in all of the details and gestures. We had the opportunity to speak with the two owners, Lara and Stella, daughter and mother respectively. We can affirm without a doubt the Tenuta la Baronessa is a place like no other, being managed by very intelligent and hard-working people with great and important principles.

The main house of a masseria in Puglia
The main house of the Tenuta la Baronessa

A resort which does not hold you back

Another interesting aspect of the Tenuta la Baronessa is that they have as one of their goals not to restrict their guests within their space. They offer all the facilities and the luxury of a resort, albeit encouraging people to spend their afternoons exploring Puglia.

For instance, even though they serve aperitivo and breakfast, they do not have a restaurant for the main meals. They would rather encourage the guest to try out different – and delicious – restaurants of the region, as well as explore other cities and towns too.

Aperitivo at a masseria in Puglia
Aperitivo time by the beach of Tenuta la Baronessa

They really know the richness of their flavours, landscapes and culture. For this reason, they encourage you to explore it. Lara, the owner, once told us “we want to grow and expand our business as well as the others around us”.