Where to stay in Lecce Puglia

Where to stay in Lecce, Puglia: the Italian city of Baroque

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Are you looking for where to stay in Lecce, Puglia? Then check out our full review of the B&B Le Giravolte, a cosy place in the historic heart of Lecce. After staying three days at the hotel, we share our impressions and all the information about it.

Where to stay in Lecce, Puglia – The B&B Le Giravolte

The decoration of the B&B Le Giravolte in Lecce
The details of the B&B Le Giravolte

Giuseppe and his partner, Daniela, are the ones behind the Bread and Breakfast Le Giravolte. He is an architect and she is a real estate developer. Together, they have a perfect combination of expertises and the result is a cosy and comfortable accommodation, with modern decor full of references to the local culture.

The Le Giravolte is very charming. In fact, if wasn’t for their very casual and hospitable relation – and the B&B on its name – it would more like a boutique hotel.


Aerial view of historic city centre of Lecce
The historic city centre of Lecce

The location of the B&B Le Giravolte is one of the highlights of the place. It is in the historic centre of Lecce, less than 600 meters from the Duomo, the Roman Amphitheatre and the train station.

Actually, the B&B is housed inside an old mansion and is a historical sight in itself, helping to tell the story of this beautiful city known as “Italy’s Baroque Capital“, or even the “Florence of the South“.

Dining and living room of B&B Le Giravolte, Lecce
The dining and living room of the B&B Le Giravolte

In short, Le Giravolte could not be better located. Given the small size of the historic centre of Lecce, the B&B is a walking distance from all the main sights of the town.

The rooms

double bed from B&B Le Giravolte in Lecce

Le Giravolte has only three rooms, “Porta San Biagio“, “Porta Rudiae” and “Porta Napoli“, referring to the gates of access to the historic centre of Lecce. All of them are en-suites with a double bed and a balcony. Also, two of them have a sofa bed, ideal to accommodate small families.

Room with a double bed of B&B Le Giravolte in Lecce, Puglia
One of the rooms

What we like most is the originality of each room. It’s impossible to select the most beautiful one. Giuseppe and Daniele thought of every detail, from the chandeliers to the colours chosen, bedding and furniture, giving the B&B all the charm and the feeling of welcome.

The terrace

Aerial view of the terrace of B&B Le Giravolte in Lecce
Aerial view of the terrace

On the first floor, there are the three bedrooms and the living and dining room. However, on the upper floor, the Le Giravolte has a huge roof terrace. We spent most of our time up there, enjoying the sunset and the view of the towers of the dozens of churches and basilicas of Lecce.

We were delighted with Le Giravolte’s terraza. The place is delightful, filled with flowers, cacti, ornaments, sofas and armchairs made of pallets and comfortable cushions, giving a rustic touch super charming.

It was exactly up there where we spent our last day in Lecce. The two of us plus Giuseppe enjoyed, around a campfire that he prepared for us, a good wine, eating aperitivo and sharing stories of life.

Tiago, Fernanda and Giuseppe of B&B Le Giravolte in Lecce
Ti, Fe and Giuseppe

This experience only reinforced our desire to prioritize this type of hosting more and more. In the end, B&Bs offer the comfort of a hotel together with the hospitality of a family home as well as presenting a unique opportunity to learn more about local culture and history. We can say for sure that we left Le Giravolte with one more new friend.


Breakfast of B&B Le giravolte

The breakfast at Le Giravolte is great – as is everything that refers to the food in Puglia – and is included in the room rate.

The owners serve a variety of fruits, pastries, breads and cold cuts, most prepared by themselves, with organic ingredients from the area. A delight!

Price of the rooms

details of the room B&B Le Giravolte in Lecce

The price starts at 95 euros per night, but varies according to the time of year. During the summer months, the price is more expensive.

folded towers of the B&B Le Giravolte in Lecce

You can book and/or check the exact price for your staying here.


I hope you enjoyed our review of where to stay in Lecce, Puglia. If you have any questions or suggestions, just leave a message here in the comments or contact us.

Lots of love and safe travels.

Ti and Fe!