Why visit Iran – 8 reasons to convince you to visit Iran right now

Vista panorâmica de Teerã ao entardecer
Vista do Bam Tehran | Foto de Monday Feelings

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Oh, Iran…! I think we could list at least 100 reasons to go there. But if you are here, you are probably wondering “Can I visit Iran?” or “Why visit Iran?“. So here it is, short and simple: 8 reasons to convince you to visit Iran right now and why Iran should be on your bucket list!

1- Iranian incredible landscape

overview of Tehran
The view of Tehran near the sky park

Iran has everything: mountains, forests, caves, sea and desert. At winter time it is possible to go skiing at the surrounds of its capital city, Tehran. Also, it is possible to go trekking at the mountains, camping near waterfalls or go swimming at the beaches at the south of the country, in the Persian Golf seaside, throughout the year. In Kish Island, for instance, there is no government restrictions and the application for visa is not necessary. It is a free zone.

2 – It is very safe to visit Iran

Shah Mosque in Isfahan with people in front of the lake
The Shah Mosque of Isfahan, Iran

That is right! Exactly as you read it. Unlike many people think, Iran is one of the safest places we have ever been, even safer than many European countries. Pickpocketing and similar crimes are rare and families take their time to enjoy at parks until late night. Do not believe in everything you read on media and learn how to differentiate Middle East countries (ouch!).

3 – Iran had the biggest empire the world has ever seen

Carved people on the wall of Persepolis
Carved art in Persepolis

The Persian Empire was founded in around 550 bC by Cyrus, the Great. In its great moments, the territories went up to some parts of Europe, Africa and Asia and its influence left in the whole world are seen up to date. Cyrus for example is considered to have been the precursor of the human rights when stated on the famous Cyrus Cylinder that all man should be free, abolishing slavery for the first time in history.

Monuments and ruins from the Persian Empire can be found in many parts of Iran. A visit to Pasargadae and Persepolis – former capitals of the Empire and both Unesco World Heritage Sites – is a must!

4 – There is a Brazilian city in Iran

team of football in Iran, Abadan posed for picture
Us and the football team of Abadan, Sanat Naft FC

Ok, that´s most for Brazilian lovers, but it’s a fun fact of Iran. Abadan is a city in the south of the country at the border with Iraq and its inhabitants believe it belongs to Brazil!

It all began in the 70’s before the Islamic Revolution. The city’s football team’s coach liked so much Brazil’s performance at the 1970 Football World Cup that he decided to adopt Brazil’s uniform and game strategies. The people incorporated this idea fully and now they say they belong to Brazil. They will even provide you with geological reasons why Abadan is Brazilian. According to them, “during the Pangea, Abadan was in Brazil but when the continents began separating, Abadan ended up in Iran”.

Today, it is normal to find kebab shops named “Rivaldo” or “Ronaldo” for instance. Moreover, some places put two clocks above their shops, one showing Iranian time and the other showing Brazilian time. And the team supporters sing at the game: “Abadan Berzilete“, which means “Abadan is just like Brazil“!

5 – The Iranian hospitality

People dancing in a circle under the bridge in Isfahan

You will never see anything similar to the Persian hospitality! The invites to stay over at people’s house, have lunch with them, travel, picnicking or anything else will come from every corner, all the time.

Iranians will barely let you pay for anything, your bus ticket, taxi ride, your food or for a touristic attraction. And do not bother arguing otherwise, it is part of their culture. Visitors in Iran are sacred.

6 – Iranian food

table set with plates and iranian dishes

Like Brazilians, Iranians love eating! Mainly, you will find (delicious) kebab shops in the streets. However, it will be inside families houses where you will truly enjoy the original Iranian food and the feeling of eating until you are exhausted of it. After eating, a nap. Wake up and eat a little more! Fresh ingredients, nuts, fruits are indispensable, giving many different flavour to the food experience! Have we convinced you already to why visit Iran?

7 – Iranian architecture

Si o Se Pol bridge seen under a tree with golden rays illuminating it

The Persian architecture as well as its art and literature, were already renowned since before Christ. After the Arab invasion, around 630AD, they incorporated aspects of the invader’s culture. In fact, was only after the invasion that they adopted Islam as their religion. The fusion of the both cultures resulted in incredible constructions, such as mosques, monuments, palaces and parks.

8 – The visa is simpler than you think

Iranian flags in the city with cars passing by

There are obviously some requirements and they vary according to the passport you hold. Some countries, more than you would imagine, can take their visa upon arrival. In addition, renewing it as even easier. You will find more information about it on our post The Visa to Iran.