group of friends skiing
Tiago, Fernanda, Beata and Rico on top of the mountain skiing

The best place for skiing in Czech Republic – a day trip from Prague

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We are far from being skiing experts, though the few – really, quite few – times we went to a skiing place – including skiing in Czech this time, we absolutely loved. If it was a hundred percent up to us, we would surely go skiing more often. The thing is, unfortunately, it’s not a cheap sport – particularly if you do it sporadically, like us, which makes you dependent on hiring equipment and clothes.

tiago on a large overall
Tiago on his massive clothes borrowed from a friend of a friend who was – obviously – much bigger than him

Also, it’s true that some countries are more expensive than the others. Italy, for instance, where we currently live, is one of the least economical place for practicing it. On the other hand, East European countries offer great options with a much more affordable prices. Therefore, when we booked our trip to the Czech Republic, we took the opportunity to search for a place to go skiing in Czech Republic near Prague. And that’s how we found the Cerna Hora Ski Resort, the largest ski resort in the Czech Republic.

Skiing in Cerna Hora Ski Resort, in the Czech Republic

group of friends skiing
On top of the mountain skiing – From left to right: Us (Tiago and Fernanda) and our friends Rico and Beata.

We stayed with a couple of friends in Prague who, unlike us, go skiing quite often. They were the ones who told us that a 160 km away from the Czech’s capital, almost bordering Poland, is the best ski resort of the country, the Cerna Hora Ski Resort.

The place has 44km of ski trails, 5 different ski centres – all accessed by only one ski pass – many cable cars, including one that can take up to 8 people – the only one in the country! To go from one place in the mountain to another, you can take a bus or a kind of snowmobile, all included in your ticket fee. The resort also offers night ski trails.

Four of us on a cable car going up the mountain
Going up the mountain in the large cable car

A ski day trip from Prague

It took about 2h30 driving to arrive from Prague to Janské Lázne, the city which is Cerna Hora. Well, alright, not thaaat close. But, the place is awesome and really worth going. As we barely go skiing, we would rather invest our time and money on something which will guarantee our fun. And if that’s how you think too, you had better head to Cerna Hora. However, if you want something smaller and nearer Prague, you can go to the Moninec, just 70km away from the Czech capital.

How much did we spend skiing in Czech Republic? (all of our expenses)

Car Rent in Prague

on a car driving back to Prague
Our way back to Prague – completely tired! *note the coffee (tks Bea!)

We rented a car from RentPlus through RentalCars for 30 euros a day. Our friends told us we paid more than they normally do, but as we rented around 6ish in the afternoon to pick up at 8 am the next day, we didn’t have many options.

*Alternatively, you can go with public transportation. Have a look on this webpage that explains different ways to arrive at the ski resort by bus or train.

Equipment hiring with K+K Ski School, the shop just at the entrance of the mountain

Tiago holding a snowboard and a bottle
Getting ready to snowboarding for the first time

We spent in total 350 Koruna (13 euros) for the ski, poles and boots, and another 350 Koruna (13 euros) for the snowboard and the boots with K+K Ski School.

*Alert: We searched everywhere to rent some ski clothes (gloves, jacket and trousers), and we couldn’t find anywhere. As far as we understood, no one will find such shop because there is none – if you do, please tell us!! So, be ready to ask someone to lend you (as we did), or to buy it. If the latest option is for you, an idea is to pop up at Decathlon, in Prague.

Half Day Pass

fernanda on ski
Fernanda ready to go down the mountain

There are many passes to spend your day skiing at Cerna Hora. We bought the afternoon half day pass, which clocks in at 1 pm and out at 6 pm and spent 560 Koruna (22 euros) per person. Check the full price list here.

Where to eat


Restaurant Helena
Restaurant Helena – very local!

There are kiosks inside the ski resort with things to eat and drink, and they are not really expensive. The trail we were, even had a bar at the top of the mountain, with poufs all around to relax and appreciate the view between one downhill and another.

Now, after the full day, we recommend the Helena Restaurant, in the Janské Lázne town. Problem is, we really don’t know the address. It was a very local restaurant and the food was great and cheap – we paid 165 Koruna (7 euros) for the meal.

Where to sleep at Cerna Hora

Colourful houses in Prague
The beautiful colourful houses in Prague

If you don’t want to do the tiring job of driving forth and back to Prague, there are many accommodation places nearby the ski resort, some even offer its guests discounts on the ski pass as well as free transportation to the station. Just remember to book your hotel beforehand, and from Monday! You don’t pay any extra to book from here and you help us to keep on with the website – Thanks in advance 🙂

TIP: If you have never skied before and are a bit scared, there are ski schools around that can help you on your first time. Or, perhaps, think of hiring an instructor too.