Itinerary. Living around the world

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    Organisation is not our strength. When we began our travels from London in December 2014, we had a plan but we followed very little of it throughout our trip.

    We can’t complain though. Our lack of organisation works on our side since it allows us to be more flexible and feel free to go wherever we want to, at any time we feel like.

    We love people and it is the encounters we have along the way that will draw our destiny. If someone gives us an interesting advice, so that’s where we go. If we arrive at a place and we like it, that’s where we stay. We want to understand deeply the places, people and cultures and so we don’t travel on a rush. We like to think we are not traveling around the world but living around the world.

    The itinerary we followed goes like that: We left London and went for New Year’s Eve in Rome, Italy (December/14). After, we spent 10 days in Egypt (January/15) and then we lived for 5 months in Kenya, volunteering in an orphanage at the countryside (January to June). It was with great sadness that we left the kids from the orphanage behind and carried on our trip through Africa by road: Tanzania (June), Malawi (June), Mozambique (July) and South Africa (July). At Nelson Mandela’s land, we met Tiago’s family and travelled all together in a motorhome for a month.

    From there, we followed alone to Iran (August). The plan was to stay for only 15 days but it was impossible not to fall in love with the country and we extend our visa for a month. We, then, travelled by road to Armenia (September) and hitchhiked all the way to Russia, passing through Georgia too (September)! Our hike took us all the way to a forest in Russia close to the Finnish border, then we crossed the biggest country on earth by train in the famous Trans-Siberian (October).

    In Vladivostok we took a flight to South Korea (November). From there, we fell in love with Indonesia and went surfing in Bali (December). The visa didn’t allow us to stay longer and after a month we were in Thailand (Jan-Apr).

    When making our way back to Brazil, we passed through Malaysia and Germany (April). We stayed in Brazil for 6 months and then went for the first time as guides on a trip through Russia, Georgia and Armenia. Afterwards, we went back to our starting point, London (October).

    At the end of the year, we went for just over a month in Greece trying to help in any way the refugees. The idea is to have a documentary about a refugee life as an outcome of this trip, in partnership with ImImmigrant & Drawfugees. We then went back to London and moved to Italy right after (March).

    We are currently in Italy, figuring out our next steps and projects.

    sunset in thailand


    Our next step is totally obscure. We do not even know where we will be for Christmas and New years Eve. Stay tuned for new adventures.


    Before starting our travel around the world, we had already been to most of the European countries. We lived in London (Tiago for 8 years and Fernanda for 3) and so we decided to skip Europe this time. We have also been to Peru, Chile, Bolivia, India and Morocco.