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The second day of WTM (World Travel Market London) wasn’t much different from the first day (you can read here). Today, we were able to explore a little more of the stands and it is all very cool. South Korea’s, for example, which will host the next 2018 Winter Olympics as well as being expected to be one of the top tourist destinations for the next two years, has showcased an acupuncture machine for hands, a collage class of Korean draws, a sky jumping virtual experience, among other things.

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WTM for bloggers

Korean modern acupuncture

Monday Feelings

Your hands after the acupuncture

What most impressed us today, however, was the attention the event is giving to bloggers. WTM has set aside a huge amount of its programme to discuss the best way for blogs and brands (tourism ministries, hotels and travel agencies) to work together.

No wonder why though. This trend of using blogs instead of the traditional media to advertise brands or products is here to stay. Though, in times of social media, everything changes very fast and companies in particular seem confused as to how promote their contents in the best way.

Monday Feelings

WTM is promoting talks where marketers, consultants and start-ups explain to exhibitors how to make the most of this synergy. On the other hand, web celebrities teach bloggers how to best position themselves on the market.

Many brands are still suspicious about this new way of advertising but one thing is certain: if you do not keep up, you are doomed to failure with your consumers. Bloggers are the new trendsetters. With a more direct language than newspapers and magazines, they pass more confidence. Today, a post on a successful blog or social media can be worth more than a cover on a newspaper.

Monday Feelings

Anyway, it was another day of great learnings and good networking. It was certainly worth changing our plans and staying to participate of the World Travel Market.