Who we are

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Tiago and Fernanda from Monday Feelings cycling in Atacama, Chile, with snowed peak mountains in the back

We are Tiago Ferraro and Fernanda Kiehl, a Brazilian couple passionate about travelling.

We met in London and got married in there too. What got us together, really, was mainly the will to live the world, to meet new people and to see different perspectives.

Tiago is a business administrator and lived in London for 8 years, where he received his bachelor degree and worked in several areas. His last job at the Queen’s land was in sales in a multinational company.

monday feelings

Fe is a journalist who lived in London for four years where she worked as a press officer for local and international chefs.

It was all well. We had promising jobs, close friends and a comfortable life but we were tired of the routine. We began to realize that our decisions were no longer ours. Do you know that voice which keeps on going in your head: “study, work, marry, buy a house, have children,” and so forth? Anyway, we did not want this pre-established path, at least not now. Before having “settled down”, we knew we had a lot to see.

It was a year of much planning and work, and in December 2014 we kicked off the nomadic life. We are not going to lie here, we were quite afraid.

It’s been two years and six months traveling around the world and we do not want to stop so soon 🙂

Tiago and Fernanda from Monday Feelings

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In order to soften up the intensity of the trip and the routine, we try to spend longer time in each destination. We like to think that we do not want to travel around the world but rather “live around the world”. The more immersed in the local culture, the better.

Building a fairer world is also one of our priorities and sometimes we move out with our luggages, bags, soul and willpower to some corner of the world to do volunteer work.

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