Where to stay in Mantua: Review of the Hotel Dei Gonzaga

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Where to stay in Mantua: Review of the Hotel Dei Gonzaga
Friendly staff
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Friendly staff
Old building (but modern decoration)
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Mantua was the first stop of our bicycle trip from Parma to Ljubljana. It was going to be a month travelling and we were looking forward to seeing everything that was about to happen. On our first day, we left Parma, where we were living and, after cycling about 83Km, we had finally arrived at the Italian Capital of Culture, as Mantua is known. And the first step is, where to stay in Mantua?

It was night already and we had just lost from each other, which left us very stressed, as you can imagine, and we were really tired. Taking all of that into account, we couldn’t be happier for having a cosy and comfortable hotel awaiting for us.

The Hotel Dei Gonzaga

hotel in Mantua
Some of the room’s windows

The Dei Gonzaga is a 3 star hotel in the historical city centre of Mantua, Piazza Sordello. The building is actually part of the historic complex of the area and was formerly used as the Guard House.

window facing the square in Mantua
Fe by the window of our room

Its location is what we really loved about the hotel, and consequently its view from the room’s window. The view from our hotel, for instance, was facing the Duomo and the Palazzo del Capitane, the main tourist attractions of the city. It was basically a tour through the city centre without even leaving your room 🙂 . If you book a room with them, don’t forget to request a room by the Sordello Square.

Structure of the hotel: the rooms

360° picture. Enlarge, click and drag!

[vrview img=”http://www.mondayfeelings.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/iO_20170919-112650.jpg” pimg=”http://www.mondayfeelings.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/iO_20170919-112650.jpg” ]

The rooms are simple, worthy of a 3 star hotel. Comfortable beds, a wardrobe, a minibar and one table with chairs. All very nice and clean, including the bathroom, which had a refreshing warm shower (that was very welcome by us).

The hotel’s team

360° picture. Enlarge, click and drag!

[vrview img=”http://www.mondayfeelings.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/iO_20170919-101125.jpg” pimg=”http://www.mondayfeelings.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/iO_20170919-101125.jpg” stereo=”false” ]

If you have been with us for a while, you know that the human aspect of our travels is really important for us. And there was exactly where the hotel won us over. Despite being a medium-sized hotel, it has a fairly familiar structure and all the staff were always smiling and ready to help. At the check in, for instance, we were treated by the front desk staff by our first name, which left a great first impression on us. They made us feel so much at home that, during a raining afternoon, we were allowed to use their office to do some work of ours.

Everybody, from the cleaning team to the manager, was extremely nice to us.

The breakfast

breakfast in the hotel Dei Gonzaga in Mantua
All we need in the morning 😉

Another highlight of the Hotel Dei Gonzaga: the breakfast buffet. It was full of a variety of cheese, ham, cereals, yogurts, jam juice, fruits and bread. The coffee was fresh and served by a nice waitress at your table.

To conclude, the Hotel Dei Gonzaga was a great experience and a place we would definitely come back. Thank you once again for the hospitality and the attention to the small details!

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Our staying at the Hotel Dei Gonzaga was an agreement between the two parts, but the opinion here expressed are fully sincere. Our primary commitment is with you, readers, and regardless of the partnership, we would never fail to give an honest review of our experience.