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Something that we have always said in our posts and in conversations between us, is the way perspectives really affect our understanding of things as well as determine our fears, courage, discouragement and our feelings at all. To be able to see situations with a different perspective will definitely free us from misgivings and prejudices, which do nothing but holding us back. Travel the world has really helped us to see that, and that’s how.

view from inside the tent camping by the river in Slovenia

Camping in Slovenia

The first perspective: Ours, before travelling

A few years ago, we decided to travel the world. We left most of our belongs behind and embarked into an adventure which, thus far, we had no idea how much it would have changed us.

Before leaving, there were people happy for us, but we could see they were also afraid for us. There were also people who told us to be very careful, that we were crazy, or, at least, emphasized that we would soon come back to our “normal life”. We were quite afraid as well. After all, we were going against everything was presented to us “correct”.

Since I think of myself as a person, I remember the goal in life is to study, so to get a good job, grow within the company, get married, have children, buy a house, a car etcetera. In short, that I have to strive to acquire stability and social status. To give up, even as for a brief moment in your life, of all of that, particularly in a moment which one is just starting to grow in one’s career, seems crazy, indeed, even for us. For this reason, we have never really put away the possibility to come back to our stabled “correct” life.

london at night with big ben

A cold day in London

The start of a new perspective

Today, after over two years on the road, we have realised this is the life we want, the not “correct” and not “stable” life. Well, yes, we still feel butterflies in our bellies every now and again due to uncertainties, but that is for another post. The question is, we keep receiving lovely messages from people telling us how much they want to do the same but they just don’t have the courage. Messages flattering us, saying how brave we are.

Well, having lived the two sides of this coin, the stable and the unstable, we want to say to all of you who believe we are brave that it’s actually the opposite. How brave you are! We congratulate you to continue living in a such articulated system created to shape and control us.

It sounds a bit dramatic, doesn’t it? So allow us to explain how we have come to this conclusion:

waterfall in Bali

In a waterfall just for ourselves in Bali

Our change

We decided to travel the world because:

  1. were tired of our routine;
  2. realised we were living a fated life – get married, buy a house, have kids, travel once a year, etc… We wanted to take – back(?) – control of our decisions;
  3. needed to shake things up a bit, to get once again the creeps that just discoveries and the unknown makes you feel.

Well, just as I said, we had no idea how much this adventure would have changed us. But it did, significantly.

It was a deep journey which we developed a strong connection within ourselves and the world around us. We developed such sensibility we didn’t know there was within us. And, on a snap of a finger, everything naturally started to make more sense and we came to answers of many inquiries which have always followed us, without even realise we were thinking of those inquiries.

Many of our fears and anxiety disappeared and things appeared to be lighter and easier. Well, excuse us if it is hard to make sense of that, but it’s not easy to put into words such subjective topic as of the comprehension of ourselves and, in some way, the world out there.

sunset in koh lanta, thailand with two people on SUP

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Nevertheless, during these first two years of travelling, these changes on our perspectives and on our way of facing the world were so obvious that we constantly heard from people we met “you two have a very good energy”. It wasn’t that we were born with that “energy”. We were just really happy. We had faith in humanity, as we met new – good – people quite often. And then, we realised that this is the life we want to pursue. The nomad life.

The new moment of our lives

We talked and asked ourselves how we can make a living out of this. That is when we started to make an effort to make Monday Feelings a reliable and good travel website. As making a living out of a website is a long term goal – you don’t really see any return at the beginning, (kind of 2 years time at least), we needed something more of a short term. Then, we launched our audiovisual content production company, MF360.

It wasn’t easy, and still not. We study and read a lot about it, and trained a lot too, so we can be in the market. However, in order to make this step towards a business life, we needed to settle down for a while. And then we came to Italy.

Tiago and Fernanda in the city centre of Parma with baptistery and duomo

City centre of Parma

Since March, we have lived “a normal life”. What I mean by normal life is, we have a renting contract for a house, we have a contract for our mobile line, we have a contract for the internet at home, there is a specific doctor which I have to see before booking any appointment, and so on. Plus, there are banks, bills, medicine, food shopping, house shopping, exercise yourself at the park, force yourself to meet new people, force yourself out of the house…

I know it sounds a bit too much, but just think about. How many times were you at home and thought, “man, I gotta do something” then called some of your friends. That is pretty much forcing yourself out of your house. It’s not a big deal, but an effort nevertheless.

And, today, I clicked. I am actually living a normal life again, and man, that’s hard!

the city centre of sao paulo

City centre of Sao Paulo

Nomad life vs Normal life

When I was on the road, there were no contracts. You put money on your SIM card and use the internet of the country you are. In fact, you hardly use your phone, apart from Wi-Fi connections to speak with family (I know that applies more specifically to me. People today are inseparable to their phones. Anyway…). Also, there is no renting contract. You pay for a hostel or stay at people’s house. Sometimes you find a job on a hostel and exchange for accommodation. The point is, you leave whenever you want, with the click of a finger.

Also, you don’t have to force yourself to get out of home. You already are! You meet new people almost on a daily basis. And you don’t have to have a crazy life to do that. For instance, we stayed a month in Thailand in a bungalow. We paid the month, had internet, our space, by the sea, met new people everyday, we were always doing something, and yet had our privacy, a little bit of routine (that bit which we wanted) and so on. We could leave the moment we wanted or simply stay on.

watching the horizon in the pier with fishing rods

Our routine in Thailand

That conclusion came to me today because we decided to leave Italy. And we decided one month before. And it is not that simple! We have a contract with gas and light, plus a contract with internet. We have to give a month’s notice and when we made our contract with the internet company, we specifically said we will leave in 3 months. The seller said it that wouldn’t be a problem. Guess what, now we have to pay the recession of the contract plus the deactivation of the line! We have to go to one place to cancel the light and to another for the gas.

A normal life is so bureaucratic that makes you feel you have no control over it.

homeless sleeping in the city centre of Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo’s city centre

The decision

You do what you are told. Like in a herd. They tell you to make a renting contract, you do. They tell you, you have to pay for breaking the contract because you want to leave, then you pay. You have to put your money in your bank account. And you need to pay the bank to cash your money out or just “administrate it” for you. You keep following rules, that you probably wouldn’t if you had the choice.

For someone who passed the last 2 years and 6 months having no contracts, no attachment to whatsoever (apart from sunsets and beautiful landscapes), to look at this way of living, is scary!

So here it goes again, it is all about perspective. It is scary for me to come back to this life which everything is so bureaucratic and systematic as it is scary for many to shift to a life of uncertain and detachment. But surely, you will only make the best choice, after you have experimented both.

I have made mine.

jumping from a rock in Lake Malawi

Rock jumping in Malawi