What to take on the Trans-Siberian, the longest train journey in the world

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The Trans-Siberian is the longest train route in the world! It is an unforgettable and adventurous journey through the inhospitable Siberia. Depending on your route, the Trans-Siberian can last for weeks, so here we give you tips on what to pack for this trip through the largest country on the planet.

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What to take on the Trans-Siberian:


Trans-Siberian: what to take

Inside the train the temperature is usually 26 ° C. All three trains we caught had the heater locked on that level. It is quite warm so, even though the trip is made during the winter, do not worry, you will not feel cold.

  • Comfortable clothes or pyjamas: The Russians immediately change their clothes when they get in. A lot of people stay in their pyjamas all day long. Forget the vanity, the train is now your home and comfort comes first. It is not necessary to take several changes of clothes because you will rarely change them.
  • Slippers: Simplify as you will not want to be in sneakers or boots inside the train.


A simple hygiene kit is welcome. There is only a shower in the first class and, unless you choose this perk, you will not see a shower sign.

  • Wet wipes: they will be your biggest companion and a substitute of a bath;
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • A face towel: most of the times the train provides one for each passenger but it is better to take yours, just in case.

To sleep:

Trans-Siberian: what to take

  • Sleeping bag: When you board the train, the stewardess will give you a kit with a pillow, bed sheets and duvet. You can buy this kit for about 10 dollars at the time of the purchase of the ticket. For those who choose not to pay this extra, it is good to take a sleeping bag.

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To eat:

Trans-Siberian: what to take

All trains have a restaurant/bar that serves reasonably tasty and inexpensive food. Moreover, it is common, when the train is stopped at some station, to see ladies passing by selling quick snacks. The problem is that NOBODY speaks English and the communication to understand how much it costs or what they are selling is really difficult.

Trans-Siberian: what to take

So, do not forget to bring your own food. Each coach has its own gallon of boiling water to make hot drinks and noodles. No microwave though.

  • Mug; Disposable cutlery and a good knife;
  • Tea, coffee, juice and lots of water;
  • Instant meals: puree and noodles for example. Russian supermarkets are full of them!
  • Cheese, bread, butter and other things for breakfast. Just remember that there is no refrigerator. Take things that last at room temperature;
  • Cooked egg. Why not? They last a long time and feed well;
  • Tin food: any type of tin food you can handle. Meats, spreads etc. We met some guys from the army who gave us a military food kit that was full of canned food. Although a bit disgusting, the meatballs and other meats saved our trip!
  • Sugar: for coffee and tea;
  • Snacks and chocolates: they help to kill the hunger of the afternoon!

To communicate:

  • English-Portuguese dictionary: remember NOBODY SPEAKS ENGLISH!! Therefore, a Russian dictionary or application that helps with translation will be very welcome!

To have some fun:

Trans-Siberian: what to take

The trip is long. The landscape can get boring and, although many Russians are always willing to make friends, communication does not always help. So, take things to distract yourself.

  • Book;
  • Playing cards;
  • Electronics: Each car has about 6 plugs.