Aerial shot of Kamp Koren accomodation next to Soca River in the city of Kobarid, Slovenia

Where to sleep in Kobarid, Slovenia: The paradisaical Kamp Koren

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Kobarid is where the Soca River Valley begins in Slovenia. It is one of the most impressive places we have ever seen. It was the Slovenian Ministry of Tourism that recommended this area for us. Through the Hiking and Biking Slovenia Association, they developed a whole two weeks itinerary for us throughout the country, including where to sleep in Kobarid.

The Hiking and Biking Slovenia suggested us to stay at the Eco Hotel Kamp Koren. We got in touch with them and told them about our cyclo tourism project (one month cycling from Italy to Slovenia) and they agreed to support us in this project, providing a two nights accommodation!

Arriving at the hotel

wooden tables and chairs in Kamp Koren, Kobarid
The entrance of Kamp Koren

We arrived at Kamp Koren, as usual, very tired and just about to get dark. That day, we hadn’t cycled much, just about 40km, but through the many Slovenian mountains and hills which insisted on testing our physical limits. We had seen Kamp Koren online and our expectations were high about the hotel, but we could not believe our eyes, really, when we finally arrived.

Camping and Eco Chalets

Soca River and Kamp Koren in Kobarid
Aerial view of the challets and the Soca River

The Kamp Koren opened their doors in 1991 by the River Soca and at the beginning it was just for campers, with either their tent or motorhome. The success was such that, in 2009, they launched 6 luxurious and wonderful “Eco Chalets”. The whole structure is in wood and each of the chalets has 2 bedrooms, 2 verandas, 1 bathroom and a dinning room next to the kitchen. It can fit 6 people comfortably.

Kamp Koren in Kobarid
Wooden Chalets

We stayed in one of those chalets and cannot recommend more the experience. Just an idea of how much we loved it, we stayed a day longer because it was impossible to leave 😉 . The only downside is that the house is so big and cosy that we really missed our family and friends with us, to share some of that paradise with them. Perhaps next time!


aerial view of Kamp Koren and Soca River in Kobarid
Aerial view of Kamp Koren

The Kamp Koren is next to Kobarid Village, amid the mountains, in the Northeast of Slovenia. It is quite near the border of Italy and Austria. The camping is surrounded by nature and by the Soca River too, so you go to bed and wake up listening to the sound of the water flowing.

Kamp Koren in Kobarid
One of the rooms (the other one had a double bed)

The Kamp Koren is also very near important tourist sights of the region, such as the Kozjak waterfall, the Napoleon Bridge e the Tolmin Gorge. Just about a half hour from there, you can see the Kanin-Sella Nevea mountain, the main skiing resort of Slovenia. That means, the area allows you to enjoy any season of the year.

The Kamp Koren infrastructure

Kam Koren at Kobarid
The tables at the hotel’s restaurant by Soca River

The Kamp Koren is a 4 star camping. It offers great infrastructure for camping, such as clean toilets and bathrooms, picnic area with a reserved space for a fire, restaurant, bar and even a small market, let alone the chalets!


Kamp Koren in Kobarid
The view from the hotel

The camping makes available equipments for kayaking, rafting, rock climbing (they even have a climbing wall in the camping site), table tennis, volley and many more. Check the full list in here.

Conscious hospitality

varanda facing the mountain
View from the challet

We had the pleasure to meet and talk with the owner of the place, Lidja. When she spoke about the landscape and the environment of the area, we were really touched. Just as practically all Slovenians we met, Lidja demonstrated great concern and responsibility about the sustainability of the area. That was clear to us when we asked if she had plans to expand the place as her camping is highly sought after. She answered: “No. We only have two mountains here. More tourists would damage the area”.

One of the staff, Klementina, who was born in the region, has also won us over with her hospitality and respect to local nature.

Our staying at Kamp Koren was agreed between both parties, however the opinions expressed in this article are extremely sincere. Our primary commitment is with you, reader, and regardless of our partnerships, we would never fail to give an honest account of our experience.