Personalised Postcards

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I hope you enjoyed the postcard that was sent to you! If you did, now, why not start sending them you too?

It’s super easy and fun to send a postcard with your own photo to whoever you want, anywhere in the world. Besides sending your own photo, which capture the exact moment you want someone to know, you can also write a message and/or draw something interesting or funny!

Simple follow these steps:

  1. Download PEM app on your phone (Apple ; Android)
  2. Create your profile with either Facebook or email
  3. Buy PEM coins and upload them into your app (see below)
  4. Send postcards all over the world!

Why you should use PEM Postcard?

1. Sending a postcard is saying to someone you have been thinking of them. Most of the times, is to show to somebody you wish they were there with you at that moment. Now, you can pick the exact moment you wish someone was there with you and send them the picture.

2. It will save you the hassle of buying stamps and going to post offices

3. You will avoid having to choose from those horrible postcards that looks all the same

4. Financially speaking, if you buy 50 or more PEM coins, you will pay £2 per postcard, which includes stamp and delivery. Instead, you would have paid £0.5 for a horrible postcard – a nice one won’t be less than £1.5 – plus the stamp and the delivery. If you are in Europe and want to send outside Europe, it can cost you up to £2.5. In the end, you save money! The cheapest you will get, postcard plus delivery, will be no less than £1.7. So, for £0.3 more, why not send your own photo and avoid hassles?

How to buy your PEM coins?

Simple! Just request them via email. We will send you the invoice and once payment is done, you receive your coins on the following email to upload them on your app!

  • 5 PEM coins = €15
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  • 10 PEM coins = €25
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  • 50 PEM coins = €100
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