Obtaining a Caribbean Passport: Dual Citizenship Options for Expats & Digital Nomads

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It is not news that holding dual citizenship is a wonderful investment in your life. Having Caribbean Passport and be a Caribbean citizen as a second option brings many benefits to you and your offspring.

Think of the Caribbean countries as an unexplored land of gold. There are so many opportunities and offers that they have to give to expats and digital nomads. This article tells you all that is in store for you and the benefits of obtaining a Caribbean passport as an expat or a digital nomad.

Visa Options for Expats and Digital Nomads in the Caribbean

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the labor market. Many companies now allow their workers the flexibility of working from wherever they want to. Many workers are at liberty to travel the world without it affecting their jobs. The Caribbean is a top-rated destination for expatriates and digital nomads. Imagine working while sipping wine in Curacao, with the sight of nature tickling your fantasy. You can do this via the Caribbean countries citizenship by investment or the digital nomad visa.

Many Caribbean countries now offer digital nomad visas. About 48 countries now have visas for digital nomads, making it even easier to be remote workers in these countries. Some Caribbean countries offering digital nomad visas are Curacao, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Bermuda, and Dominica.

With a Digital Nomad Visa, you are offered a short-term stay in the country. This can last up to a year and even more for some countries. For example, Antigua and Barbuda’s Antigua Nomad Digital Residence visa is valid for two years. It is, however, not known if it is renewable. Barbuda’s ‘Work from Bermuda Certificate’ program for digital nomads is valid for a year and is renewable.

Digital nomads are generally known to be travellers. They do not stay in one place. However, considering the Caribbean as more than a stop location for you is an excellent option. Making the Caribbean your second option for your dual citizenship will require more than just obtaining a digital nomad visa.

Other ways of obtaining Caribbean citizenship are naturalization, marriage, and descent. While these options are feasible for expats, it might be challenging for a digital nomad. Applying through naturalization, for example, will require you to stay in the country for a long time, followed by a rigorous application process. When not following the descent or marriage process, your best bet remains citizenship by investment.

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Obtaining a Caribbean Passport as an Expat or Digital Nomad

After being convinced by a trial in the form of a digital nomad visa (it is not compulsory to go through this process), you will most likely want to become a Caribbean citizen. There are many ways to go about this, the easiest being citizenship by investment. The Caribbean countries’ citizenship by investment can be considered a wealth security program for digital nomads and expats trying to explore secondary passport options. Let’s dive right into the benefits of owning a Caribbean passport for you as a digital nomad or an expatriate.

Visa- Free Travel

Who does not like the idea of travelling without the hassles of getting a visa? Travelling is part of a digital nomad’s lifestyle and knowing that you carry a passport with visa-free entry to many countries makes that so much easier. A Grenada passport, for example, allows a visa-free entry into China and an E-2 business visa in the United States. Getting Antigua & Barbuda citizenship will grant you visa-free access to 152 countries, and St. Kitts & Nevis’ citizenship will give you visa-free access to 157 countries. These include the Schengen area, the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Economic Diversification

As a capitalist nomad or a capitalist expat, think of Caribbean CBI as a two-in-one package. First, it grants you citizenship. Secondly, it secures your finances. For most Caribbean countries, you cannot get returns for a while, usually five years or more. With Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship, you get visa-free travelling to 150 countries and five years of real estate return on your investment. This means that, as an expat or a digital nomad, you also have financial security.

Easy Application

Unlike most citizenship application programs, applying for Caribbean citizenship does not require your physical presence. This means you can apply from another country entirely. All you have to do is apply through a trusted organization that is sure to take you through the due process. NTL Trust is a licensed company that takes you through the process legally. It is also known for its very swift process, usually taking an average of 3-6 months. This could, however, be more or even less. This is why the Caribbean Islands have become a major destination for expatriates.

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Social Security for Yourself and Family

As a digital nomad, you want the assurance that you always have a home to return to after travelling the world. This is what having dual citizenship offers you. You no longer have to be an expat in a foreign land; it can be your land. This is especially good for retirement plans. Everything you need for your retirement is packaged in one passport. If you wish to travel the world for your retirement, having a Caribbean passport will fulfill this need. Suppose you wish to stay in your home. In that case, Caribbean countries offer you a fantastic package of beautiful beaches, a never-ending view of nature, and a serene, peaceful, and safe environment. However, we all know that home is never complete without family. This is why Caribbean CBI programmes always give room for at least one family member to benefit from this.

Why Wait? Get Yours Now!

There is absolutely no reason why you should delay getting your own Caribbean CBI. The nomadic lifestyle is great, but getting dual citizenship can even make that better. Consider this a life insurance system of some sort. The Caribbean Islands have a lot in store for you as an expat or a Digital Nomad.