Internet when travelling: Travelers WiFi Full review

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Wondering how to use internet when travelling? See below our full review of the Travelers WiFi, a portable router that works in over 100 countries.
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Do you want to know how to use internet when travelling? Let us tell you how we did, not long ago, during our bike trip crossing Italy from north to south. On this trip, we used the Travelers WiFi, a portable router that works in over 100 countries. We used it for six weeks and now we tell you exactly how it works, if it is worth having it, its signal reach and all the small details you need to know to have internet when travelling abroad.

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Internet when travelling abroad

Fernanda with Travelers WiFi in front of the Basilica of St Croce in Florence
Posting on social media just in front of the Basilica of St Croce, Florence

Currently, it is becoming harder to travel abroad and not having internet constantly on your devices, whether your travel purposes are business related, necessity or simply convenience. For instance, we from Monday Feelings, as much as we love to stay away from social media, emails and WhatsApp every now and again, we cannot afford to just let it go and stay offline for more than a day.

For this reason, one of our recurrent questions whenever we organise our next trip is “How are we going to have internet when travelling abroad in order to keep creating content for both Monday Feelings and our freelancing jobs?”

Fernanda holding a Travelers Wifi device by the road
A bit of work by the road during a break time!

In the past, we were left with the option of relying on coffee shops and restaurants to “steal” their WiFi. However, if you have done that too – you probably have – you know that it’s not the ideal solution. The time when the waiter/waitress/owner starts to look at you differently always comes. Moreover, the internet speed is not always how we expect it to be. To conclude, to rely on someone’s WiFi to work is not working effectively at all.

On this bike trip through Italy, we knew we were going to pass through rather isolated areas as well as wild camp quite often, therefore reducing even less the probability to work relying on other’s WiFi. In order to go around this problem, we travelled with the Travelers WiFi, a mini portable router that allowed us to have 24h access to the internet even in the most remote places we visited.

Tiago and Fernanda on a bike trip through Italy
Crossing the Passo della Cisa on our bike trip through Italy
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The Travelers WiFi

Fernanda surfing on internet when travelling and camping
Camping and working!

The Travelers WiFi is a portable router of a size of a mobile phone that works in over 100 countries. It works by making partnerships with different local operators, in every country it operates. Hence, when crossing borders, the Travelers WiFi re-connects automatically with a new signal of that country.

The device allows you to have 2GB of high speed data per day within European Union, 500MB in any other country or unlimited high speed data if you are in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. If you go over the limit, you will still have internet connection, although not as fast. In this case, your 2GB will come back the day after.

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Fernanda camping by the cliff having internet when travelling
One of the our remote spots which we were able to work

But is 2GB of internet enough when travelling abroad?

We used the Travelers WiFi constantly, connecting both of our mobiles as well as both of our laptops. For us, that was more than enough. In 45 days of usage, we went over the limit once. We uploaded an HD video on our YouTube Channel and that consumed all of our data for the day. But, as said, the day after we had already had our fast internet back.

Does the router work anywhere?

Fernanda working from a tent in the beach with Travelers WiFi
With Travelers Wifi, your office is wherever you want!

As the device works making partnerships with local mobile networks, it will depend on them for the coverage. For instance, in Italy, the network operator was Three and we didn’t have any problems at all connecting to the internet.

Check this video we posted on our Instragram showing the most random places – as well as incredible – we chose to work!!

As we wild camped quite often during this trip, it was extremely useful to have the Travelers WiFi with us, particularly in the most difficult moments. At some point, one of our bikes broke in the middle of nowhere and it was great to count on them to make a video call with our mechanic in Parma and have it fixed.

Fair to say it was also great to count on them during moments of not so much emergency, such as watching Netflix in our tent facing the sea on a deserted beach before falling asleep.

aerial shot of a cliff and crystal clear water
The blue dot by the cliff is our tent!!!

Furthermore, the Travelers WiFi was also very useful even when we were at hotels. The internet connection of some hotels is very poor, particularly around South Italy. We, more than often, opted to use our connection rather than the hotel one.

One of the hotels we stayed in, for example, had no internet for the past three days after a storm crossed the area and damaged a few cables. Meanwhile, our Travelers WiFi was still operating and giving us internet.

How to have the Travelers Wifi

travel magazine, coffee and traveler wifi on a table
Why not a bit of work during a break for food?

To rent the Travelers WiFi device is quite simple. You can just go into their website, choose between the tab “Switzerland” or “Global”, according to your travel plan, complete the time slot of your rent, the destinations and the address for them to send you the router.

The company will send it to you via mail in a little box together with the charger, the router, a guide as well as the pre-paid bag to send the device back. To send it back is just as easy: simply put everything into the pre-paid bag and take it to the nearest post office.

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How does the Travelers WiFi work?

Tiago working and camping
Working in a campsite in Italy

The device has no secret as it only has one button, the turn-on turn-off one. It has a panel showing three things, that it’s on, the battery level and the signal. There is also a sticker behind the router containing the name of your network and its password. As soon as you receive the router via mail, simply turn it on and connect all the devices you want. Very simple and practical.

The battery lasts for up to 6 hours continuously use.

How much does the Travelers WiFi cost?

Fernanda cycling in Italy

The price to rent the router is the only aspect of it that we don’t grade 10. The daily fee is €6,90, although the longer you rent the cheaper it gets. Albeit not the cheapest deal, we still really recommend it. You can look at it this way. You can connect multiple devices at the same time, which makes it cheaper if you are travelling with friends, as the bill can be shared. Also, if you are travelling with family and to different countries, you will save the hassle of making contracts with different operators in every country you go. As soon as you cross the border, you have a local and fast internet connection.

To conclude

Tiago and Fernanda having breakfast outside
Working outside our BnB in Ostuni, Italy

Our experience with Travelers WiFi was excellent and we cannot recommend it more their service. We were never before able to keep that level of productivity as we did during this bike trip in Italy, which included many live videos on our Facebook Page and Instagram account, continuous updates of the trip, including adding photos and videos on our social media as well as delivering our freelancing projects on time.

Therefore, if you are planning your next trip and are also asking yourself how you are going to have internet when travelling abroad, don’t think twice! Rent their service and guarantee quality internet connection wherever you are, whenever you want.