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It’s not an easy task, but this is how to prepare for a travel around the world – at least for us!

Our last month in London, just before we embarked into this new adventure, gave us a little taste of how our life will be from now on. We need to save as much money as possible to ensure it will not be needed later. Also, we need to know the right amount of clothes and belongings to take with us so we will neither carry too much nor too little. These thoughts combination led us to give the notice of our flat a month before travelling. Then, we could save one month of rent as well as start backpacking in friends’ houses and see what is worth taking and what is not. That’s the beginning of how we prepare for a travel around the world.

Thank God for that! We shipped three big boxes over to Brazil thinking that this would be pretty much most of our staff and then we can just leave one bag with some clothes behind before leaving. We did not realise how much stuff we still had left.

prepare for a travel around the world

Organising the trip

After getting rid of all the stuff…

After leaving our flat, we went to Tiago’ sister’s flat. We thought we could get rid of most of the things in her house and move on a few days later to our friends’ flat with our backpack only. Then, the first obstacle comes when deciding to make a big change in life: detachment. Somehow, when we moved into our friends’ flat, we still had too many things we should not have it. It seems pretty hard to leave some belongings behind, albeit useless but yet with some sentimental meanings for us. The weird bit is that these meanings are normally rather funny then actually sentimental. Hopefully, by the time of our departure, we will know what will be the necessary things we must take and what we should not take it with us.

Regarding clothing, it is good to know what pieces is most use and what are the ones which always stay at the bottom of the bag and we never touch. There are always some pieces which you are so sure you will need but they are never touched whilst travelling. Regarding money, well, it is always good to spare more and use it wisely rather than on renting.

prepare for a travel around the world

We are on our final route to detach from Tiago’s eight years of gathering stuff and Fernanda’s three. After Christmas, we will dispose of every unneeded belonging and whatever makes the final cut will come with us. Let’s hope this last month is useful for something!