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Positives (+) AND Negatives (-)
Excellent priceNot so tiny spaces between seatsIt makes long routes
Don't provide you with food (expected though)Checked in baggage not included
7.2Very recommended!

How was our experience with Norwegian Air

Did you find a cheap ticket to fly with Norwegian Air but you have never heard of them before? Are you asking yourself if the company is safe, punctual or reliable? Great, then, as we have recently travelled from Dubai to Madrid and will tell you how it’s like to fly with Norwegian Air in this post.

Norwegian Air

The Norwegian Air is a low-cost carrier (LCC) or low-cost airline from Norway – in case you haven’t figured that out yet – flying over 40 countries. Early this year, the company announced it will start operating in Brazil in 2019 too, which is great news for us, Brazilians, who are always travelling and hardly come back home as ticket prices are not the cheapest. Apparently, the route will be from London to Rio de Janeiro. We look forward to it. Do you?

How it is to fly with the low cost company Norwegian Air

Anyway, this is the third largest LCC company in Europe – just before EasyJet and RyanAir respectively – and have a portfolio with many different awards of best LCC operator in Europe and in the world. We have used many LCC services before and the Norwegian Air is surely one of our favourite. The aeroplanes are comfortable and with a relatively good space between seats. They are brilliant, compared to the Irish company Ryanair.

Our flight from Dubai left precisely on time and the boarding was quite organised and smooth. The staff were also helpful and attentive. Although it was a six hour flight, we had no problems at all.

How it is to fly with the low cost company Norwegian Air

Rules to fly with Norwegian Air

Before buying a ticket with Norwegian Air, pay attention to the restrictions. As for most LCC, the on-board service is not included, which means you have to pay for food and drinks. The key is to organise yourself, such as taking a sandwich with you and buying a bottle of water at the airport – after passing security, please.

Another important aspect is the despatch luggage. They are not included too. You are allowed to just bring two hand bags that, together, don’t go over 10kg. According to their website, the measures must be 55x40x23xm for one bag and a max of 25x33x20 for the other.

Each one of us took two handbags and they surely were over 10kg and probably were over the measurements as well. They didn’t make us to check ours, so I guess it is luck.

How it is to fly with the low cost company Norwegian Air

Guess what? It’s confirmed: From March 2019, Norwegian Air will start flying London to Rio de Janeiro. Tickets are already on sale on their website. You can check prices and availability in here. 

To conclude: How it’s like to fly with Norwegian Air

You can trust! The Norwegian Air is safe and offers a great service for the price. If your priority is the budget, there is nothing to worry about them. From our experience, they have a better service from many other low-cost we have flown.

If you have never used a low-cost airline before, that is a great way to get used as Ryanair can be a bit shocking sometimes. Just don’t forget to follow their rules, which we wrote above and you will have no surprises or headache.