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“To make a journey, usually over a long distance”; “to move or go from one place to another”, these are some of the meanings of the word “travel”, according to the Cambridge dictionary.

This week’s “Guest Writer” is a dear Syrian friend who makes us reflect about the refugee crises, the worst migration flux since the World War II.

After all, what is travel for you?

Osama is a young lawyer from Aleppo, Syria. We met him during our time as independent volunteers in Athens, Greece. Aleppo is one of the most destroyed cities of the Syrian Civil War, which already lasts for 6 years. Osama left his country in 2015, just after graduating from university. For him, it was to run away or to die.

He took a dangerous journey, familiar to the many immigrants who try to reach Europe: Turkey by road and Greece by sea. After more than a year in Athens, he was granted subsidiary protection from Cyprus, where he currently lives in a refugee camp.

Running from Syria

Aleppo before the war – *Photo taken from Bored Banda “10+ Before-And-After Pics Reveal What War Did To The Largest City In Syria” from Hannah Karim

“When you arrive at a new place on the first day you will sleep in the tent, it will be annoying do not worry you will not need much, maybe your first night will be sad and dark do not worry you will not need much, maybe you lived before you were in a house you had a simple heater, now you are here with this tent try to spend your first night calmly do not try to scream too much you will not go to heaven or go back to your home, If it screams high just try to sleep quietly when the sun shines, this tent will become a familiar place yes you will not feel anything maybe because you arrived at night ,try to move away from the corners of the tent so as not to feel cold, loneliness or fear because the night is a scary place try to be brave the first night only the first night until the day comes. when the day comes you will feel safe and everything is over and your night was not a dream and now you live in a tent make sure before you come that you speak another language not even become an important job owner or even express your case but just talk to others and do not feel lonely , ask for food and drink , when you go to the hospital , you can explain what hurts you yes it may be your pain not just your body but try not to ask or explain much to not make them feel bored because they have thousands of others you may be able to tell them before you die that you have a witness tomb telling them that you were only a human being, even though you are a refugee.”

Running from Syria

Same photo, after the war – *Photo taken from Bored Banda “10+ Before-And-After Pics Reveal What War Did To The Largest City In Syria” from Hannah Karim

About the Author
Running from Syria

Osama Hassan is a Syrian activist and lawyer. One, among millions of refugees, he fights to have his human being status back to him. On his Facebook page he posts articles and poems and tries to create awareness on the consequences of war.

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