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To arrive - It is well located near the autostrada. You can go by car or bus. The nearest train station will be Fidenza or Castleguelfo, but is not so near and a difficult walk.Price - The price of the restaurants and shops are not high. There is a fee to get inside the castle, but you don't necessarily have to go.
Things to do - There is the castle, which is beautiful. And that's pretty much it. There is also a beautiful private house covered in plants. The city has nothing else to see ;(Lively - It is a very quiet and calm town, apart from market day, every third Sunday of the month. That is worth visiting for sure!
5.9Worth going
To arrive7.2
Thing to do3.3
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Meet Fontanellato:

Every Italian city has something unique to show.

This is Fontanellato, a small village in the province of Parma, Italy.

In its centers lies the Rocca Sanvitale, a medieval castle from the XV Century surrounded by a water filled moat.

Every third Sunday of the month, an amazing antique market sets up all around the castle, transforming the old town into a bursting place that takes you even further back in time.

Fonatenallato is just another hidden gem that makes Italy such a special place