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The backpack is probably the main accessory of a travel. It is what will accompany you at all times. Knowing how to choose the best backpack, one that fits all your needs, is the very first step to a relaxed and more comfortable journey.

Remember, you’ll probably carry it on your back for hours, sometimes under the sun, sometimes on a trekking… there’s no way of knowing beforehand all types of landscapes you will face. So, even though this is a quite personal choice, there are some important considerations to make.

choose the best backpack

Let’s go for 5 tips to choose the best backpack:

1. The smaller the backpack the better. We travel with a 60L each and this is the limit somebody can carry it “comfortably” for a long period of time. One of 40L or 50L would be a lot more practical. Believe us: carry the least things possible, your back appreciates it 😉

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2. If possible, opt for one which has a little rucksack attached. They are great to have on a daily basis. You can leave your backpack at the hostel and go for a walk only with the essential. Fernanda’s one, for instance, a Vango Freedom 60L + 20L, has it.

choose the best backpack

Us and our lil rucksack. Silent Temple, Yazd, Iran

3. Do not take these trekking backpacks which open from the top only. It makes life harder as you will have to take everything out whenever you want to reach something at the bottom. There are many options for backpacks which open completely, as a luggage. These are a lot easier to organise your stuff. Tiago’s one, a Forclaz Symbium Access 60L, offers both options: the rucksack style opening at the top as well as a zipper crossing vertically.

choose the best backpack

Ti, his backpack and his ukulele!

4. The more compartments it has, the better. They help to optimise the space.

5. Choose one that fits your body. Fe, for instance, has 1,60m and she had to find one specific for her height. A backpack that fits perfectly on your shoulder, back and hips is essential for your comfort and health. To carry a non-adjusted heavy bags can damage your back and knees in the long term.