Bungee Jumping in South Africa

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Bungee Jumping in South Africa
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It's really cheap for this type of service
They are very serious with regards to security. There has never been an accident
It really delivers! The adrenaline is high up and the staff is super friendly
It's in the middle of nowhere. You have to drive over there to jump
Highly recommended!

One of the most surreal moments of our trip, when we jumped from the bridge bungee jump in South Africa, the highest in the world (216m)! We were so scared, but after reading their sign saying “Fear is temporary, regret is forever”, we decided we had to go.

We have always looked for a bit of adrenaline in our travels. Then, when we’re on our way to South Africa, we heard about the highest bridge bungee jump in the world. We said to ourselves we have to jump. Well, Tiago said. Fernanda didn’t want to jump. She thought it was worthless feeling that fear. As Tiago’s brother, Tulio, was also into that. We managed to turn Fernanda’s head around and convince her that is much more about confronting your fears.

So there we were, all excited for the day. We arrived at the site, with a bit of butterfly on our bellies feeling, but sure on what to do. Then we saw the height of the jump. Tiago freaked out! We paid straight away (R950, something like U$73), so there is no turning back.

One of the worst part was to come, when you walk, underneath the bridge in a cage up to the middle, where you jump. In a cage! That means, you can see through below your feet, like…..in a cage!! That was scary as hell.

Once you are there, you are having many thoughts. But the loud music surely cheers you up and elevates your mood to the perfect level, which is of jumping from a bridge!

Fernanda, who initially wasn’t even jumping, went all jumpy and smooth. Tiago, however, could not look down. You can even hear the instructor telling him “a bit more, a bit more”, meaning to walk further to the edge because he was looking straight to the horizon.

For more info, check it out Face Adrenalin´s website.