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Sat down in Aswan city, in front of the hotel, just waiting the train to pass, I could perceive a lot of difference amongst the people here.

I am not sure if I did not have enough time to pay great attention in what happens in other places, but here, in less than five minutes, I saw: Girls without the hijab, trousers coloured like leopard (ocelot! – inside joke with a friend, no bother understanding) and sunglasses Ray Ban style; a group of boys of approximately 12 years old smoking; another with same age group driving a car; one motorbike carrying a toilet (true fact!); A taxi with a sticker “welcom to car” (which was probably originally written “welcome to Cairo”, but the lack of some letters fitted very well for a taxi); A motorbike carrying five people. No word of a lie. The father and the mother with a small child in between, a boy on top of the tank and a little girl behind the mum. And had a box behind her!

I would call this place The Neverland but, unfortunately, it is not a fairy tale.

You see many people dressed with famous brands such as Adidas or football teams. At this very moment, whilst I write this text, a little boy asked me money.

A very irritating thing is the flies. Whether you showered or not, they will be there, flying around you and posing in your arm, nose, forehead… A hell!

I tried to camouflage amongst the local people by having a big beard but my clothes give me away. Some of the times worked, with Fernanda covering her hair too. But then, they started to talk in Arabic with us and all goes down the drain.

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I would like to report this moment by filming or photography. But it is all very fast and unexpected that if I had filmed, it would be boring and monotonous, and if I had taken photos, maybe the message would not have the same impact as I either write or take the picture.

I also would like to continue writing but the flies do not let me. I will let your imagination to take you to this moment whilst I run away from these bloody flies…