The best and the worst passports in the world

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Check it out this list with the best and the worst passports in the world in 2018! 

According to the Passport Index, the best passport to have is the Singaporean! Singaporeans can enter visa free in 166 countries. It is followed by Germany and South Korea, which can each enter in 164 countries without a visa.

Then we have Italy, Spain, Finland, France, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the US and Japan (which don’t need visa for 163 countries).

Last year, however, this list was a bit different and Germans had the strongest passport in the world.

Another change is the United Kingdom which dropped a position (from 3rd to 4th) in 2018 – perhaps an early symptom of Brexit?

best passports in the world

Brazilians (like us!), are ranked 11th on the list, and we don’t need a visa for 154 countries (if you want to see the full list, check this article in Portuguese).

The worst countries, according to the research, are Afghanistan (visa free in only 30 countries), Iraq (33 countries), Pakistan (34 countries) and Syria (37).

If you want to see the detailed list and check about a specific passport, see this list!

*Article originally written on April 2017 and updated on July 2018.