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I have always believed in a continuous movement, something that never ceases to go in many directions…

This happens in the atoms, with our blood following its way through the heart, with the Earth, the Universe and with any living thing.

Casa del Bosque – Chile

And I have never managed to stop. I left home when I was 15 years old and, at that time, I already had a goal. I wanted to work travelling! Before achieving this goal, I travelled a lot in order to understand if that was what I really wanted. At that age, I also wanted to go to the space. Infinity travel, endless universe…

Casa del Bosque – Chile

After a while, I fulfilled this goal and for 15 years I have been working travelling. I love it. I can no longer stop. It makes me alive. 45 countries visited, 10 times each at least… some, more than 30. Every departure, each farewell, I hear my daughter saying: – Will you come back? I have answered yes for a long time. Today, I say: I want to. I never know if the next trip will be forever.

Hagia Sofia – Instambul

Every farewell is a new birth. An energy which puts me forward and pushes me to go, whenever possible, making the long way back home. Tom Waits brilliantly wrote: “I will always take the long way home”.

One love. A son. A house. A view. One reason! A place which has served as a base and makes you love, understand and accept this movement. To know that there is such a place where you can always go to, is a satisfaction. This has always been the way I feel every time I leave. Always following towards the next goal.

Orta San Giulio – Italy

Not having this base, makes you go around in circles. You get lost. Some time ago, I had the opportunity I have always looked for: to live in another country. And more: I could choose which country I could live. I had the globe in hands. Once again, I travelled more to know where this movement would take me. I chose Italy. Bologna. From all the countless reasons, like the gastronomic hub, development options and the most decisive point: It’s Italy!

Chicago – USA

From the first time I came here, the smell of the country reminded me of grandma. I love the smell of my grandma. I love smells. Every single corner I see when I wander through the streets in here to solve the many problems, that do happen, the aroma and flavours surprise me. A problem comes up, and soon a sensation of comfort, a whisper, knowing that everything life gives you, is to make you better.

London – UK

It was three months from the moment of possibility for the arrival. Three months for locking up the house, cover up the car, pack up our lives and leave, with 2 bags each. Of 32kg. Thanks Anac.

At this moment, everybody thinks (and tells you) the same thing: Be ready, it’s difficult, you will always be a foreigner, the language is hard, there are prejudices, and all of that we are used to hear.

Bologna – Italy

Do you know what? Life is great. My glass has never been half empty. Every place is different. Every sunrise has unique colours and we never know what the waves of the sea will bring you next. To be difficult, we overcome. To be nice, we enjoy.

Pirenópolis – Brazil

And what is that different from living all your life in the same place? The way you settle down. Your comfort zone. I believe it is the way you see around you. Oh, lord, I have to iron my shirt. What now, nobody knows how I like my bread in the morning? No one knows me…

Well, you can simply no longer iron your shirt, or never eat bread again. And, everywhere has a bar, a coffee place, someone looking for help, somebody wanting to talk…

Atitlán Lake – Guatemala

The feeling of “I need” is relative. It is relative to your imagination. To fly is ok. Adaptation is the great virtue of the human. Who doesn’t adapt, is dead. He just doesn’t know yet.


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Marcos is Brazilian but lives with his family in Italy. For the past 15 years he travels around the world as a living.

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