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Each day, an adventure and each meeting, a new surprise. Meet people while travelling is great!

There have been wonderful people crossing our ways and they are a form of inspiration for us to carry on our journey of living the life in a different way.

As we have said previously, we are in Kisumu at the moment, the main city of west Kenya. Before coming here, we had heard from friends who were also volunteering with us about a project of a lady from this region, who has an orphanage, a school as well as sponsoring the studies of more than 100 children.

 Mama Dolphin
Meet people while travelling

Mama Dolphin’s orphanage

Seven years ago, Mama Dolphin lost two of her sons and after the shock she decided she would dedicate her life to support children in poor conditions. Slowly, orphans were coming to her door, each one with an even more complicated story. Mama, who was a teacher but gave up her career in order to care about the orphanage, started to construct a school inside her plot to offer a better tuition to the children of the surroundings. A woman such as her, it is not surprisingly that she had attracted admirers from a lot of corners. And there are many people from the community who helps her too, including many of the children who once lived in the orphanage.


Meet people while travelling

A few years ago, a German traveller named Torsten Kremser, aka Toto, heard about this project and decided to help Mama out and make it more successful (Mama has been increasing a financial debt due to the sponsoring of the studies of the children as well as improvements at her school).

So, during Toto’s travel from South Africa to Kenya, which he was going to do with his, then, girlfriend, they decided they would spend the minimum possible (it was about US$ 3000 for the trip) and whatever money was left, it would be reverted to the orphanage.

In less than 24h, just like that, the couple built a website – Cheap Trip, Big Impact – to tell people about the idea and, for the happiness of everybody, they started to receive offers from bus companies and hotels which offered their services free of charge in exchange for advertisement. They ended the trip in Kisumu with US$ 2000 (600 was spent in visas). Now Toto lives with Mama and works to finish the dormitory of volunteers as he wants to bring more people from around the world to help out. The construction is very innovative and is worth checking out the website or Facebook page for pictures.

Good people attracts good people
Meet people while travelling

Toto, Javi, Chris’ friend, Chris, Mama Dolphin, Tiago, Fernanda, David (picture taken from Toto’s Facebook)

Call it as you wish: coincidence, God, luck or energy, but good people attracts good people and, a month ago, David, a Canadian citizen born in London and living in Africa for the past 12 years, heard about Toto’s ambitions through a common friend.

David, who lives in an island in Uganda but had lived for a long time in Kisumu (he actually left the city during the post-election conflicts of 2007), had a trip arranged to the Luo Land and got in contact with Toto. He arrived here, fell in love with what he had seen it and stayed to help in the project. David has so many stories to share that one afternoon spent with him passed flying by us. Both David and Toto have travelled a lot and their stories about people they have met along the way and places they have seen is to delight anyone.

Meet people while travelling

The Domo Toto is building

It is days like these which make us even more excited to think about the people we will meet in our trips and in the projects we might be able to help!

So, if you want to know more about the project, you can get in contact with Toto through his Facebook page (Cheap Trip – Big Impact) or get in contact with Monday Feelings as well.

Update: The dormitories for the volunteers are ready since July 2015. The project needs help from all and people to contribute, so, whoever wants – and can -, please, contact Toto.