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1- The Iranian father who cried when we left his home. We had spent less than 24h with his family and we were already being treated as sons/brothers

2- The Iranian hospitality and the friends-siblings Haleh, Ahad, Arash, Mosi, Kevin, who stayed behind (Read more here)

3- The Georgian toasts which allowed us to have the deepest conversations around a dinner table without even speaking our hosts’ language (Read more here)

4- Getting married for the second time at the orphanage in Tala, Kenya, a town where we lived for 5 months volunteering at an orphanage

getting married for the second time

5- To feel proud when meeting other Brazilians (Andrea, Diego, Luiza and Gisele) living in Georgia who made us realise that we too have one of the most welcoming culture in the world

6- The Saint Francis College’s children, in Kenya, the biggest example of overcoming we have ever seen. They are 20 children, all with some sort of disability and who were responsible of all the housework of where they live. The least debilitated help the ones with more serious problems (Read more here)

7- The children, workers and volunteers in Tala who taught us more in 5 months living together than in our whole lives (Read more here)

children of Africa

8- To find out the existence of a “country” which we had never heard about: Karabakh, and to learn that it has a lot more other similar stories such as this one (Read more here)

9- Overcome the fear of jumping the biggest bridge bungee jump in the world (216 meters / 709 feet) in South Africa – and absolutely love it!

10- To meet with Armenian actors filming in a forest and dressed as indigenous in the north of the country – and fall in love with Armenian hospitality

11- The Armenian truck driver who gave us a lift and while we were sleeping, he went buying kebab and coke for us so we could have lunch when we wake up

12- The lift we took with Siam, the Turkish truck driver at the Black Sea. He was extremely nice. Once again, we did not speak the same language but we spent hours philosophising about life and smoking cigars which he offered to us


13- The craziest night of all, on Tiago’s birthday, at Cape Town, watching the sunrise at the top of Table Mountain accompanied by: Tulim (Tiago’s brother); a man with a glass eye who had been in Brazilian’s prison for over 10 years; another man identic to a Brazilian actor but spoke exactly like Shaggy from Scooby Doo; a South African recent friend met in Mozambique; a Portuguese who must have had a few screws loose; and another three other locals completely insane

14- The Lake Malawi wilderness, beauty and tranquillity – and all the life it is capable of bringing and keeping (Read more here)

15- Travel more than 500 km on a bicycle in Kenya from Tala, the city which we lived, until the coast of Mombasa with my friend Javi (only Tiago did that. Fe went by bus!)

cycling to mombasa
16- The moment when Fe had to renew her Malawian visa and the officers’ kindness. We were troubled and thought we would have to pay a fine as her visa had already expired, though with a big smile in his face, the immigration officer said: “So, you like Malawi, don’t you? Here it is another month of visa for you”!

17- To cross the largest country on earth, Russia, on the longest rail road in the world, Trans-Siberian

18- The Nile River sunset

19- The Svaneti region’s beautifulness, in Georgia, and have managed to go down all the mountains at the back of a pick-up which we took a lift with for more than 5 hours. We even stopped for a picnic on the way to eat deer meat which one of them had just hunted (Read more here)

Svaneti, Georgia

20- To learn to appreciate the cold after spending a whole week in a Russian frozen forest near the Finish border with our loveliest friends Kostya, Sergey, Nadejda and Vera (Read more here)

21- To find out that life is a lot more enjoyable when we lose the society’s shackles and prejudices

22- The trip on the back of an overcrowded truck in Africa and all the adventures we spent together during that ride. The community sense and the caution those people had with each other gave us a good lesson

23- To try out the scorpion skewer in Bangkok – and realise is not so bad

24- To find out that the best of travelling still is the people who cross our paths

iranian hospitality

25- An Ukrainian man laughing his head off when heard us introducing Raul Seixas (a Brazilian rock singer) as Brazilian rock’ n roll songs: “If this is rock I am the Pope”, he said. And we did not even spoke the same language but that we understood very well!

26- An Indonesian bus driver with only one arm who was driving, smoking, changing gears and horning to call for more passengers, all at the same time

27- The village men near the orphanage in Kenya tired of waiting for the government to give them electricity putting up a post by themselves. Everybody passing by, stopped and helped on the hard job. After one hour, by the shouts of “Harambee!”, the mission was accomplished! (Read more here)


28- To live without electricity for about 5 months in Kenya. And realise that it doesn’t make much of a difference after all

29- How small the world is and at the same time how big it is:

– The coincidences which make the world miniscule. To meet a Ukrainian and French couple who we first met in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital (the country, please!) in Ko Pha Ngan Island, Thailand, almost 6 months later, in a street market

– The number of people you meet. The amount of unkown and not explored places which excites your curiosity to the max. Just to hear about a country which you have never heard about it – and realise that there are a lot more of those ones – proofs that only one life isn’t enough to enjoy all the world has got to offer. And that the world is enourmous and we are insignificant

30- To find out that there is a Brazilian city in Iran. Abadan Berzilete!

31- The boat trip in Cape Maclear, in Malawi (what happens in Cape Maclear stays in Cape Maclear)

32- To realise nature is hundreds of miles more beautiful than any monument

waterfalls in Bali

33- To note that people’s essence is good and that all of us want the same thing, even though in different ways

34- To understand that generalisations bring forth prejudices (Read more here)

35- To see that the world is a lot better from the one presented to us in the media

36- To trust more in others does good. Even though you may fall face down now and again, it is still worth it

37- Swim with a 7 meters whale shark in Mozambique for half hour and within a meter distance from it, completely free

whale shark in Mozambique

38- A Russian man, whose religion is Sikh, who we met in Georgia and promised us never to forget that we cheers looking at people’s eyes in Brazil

39- “Lay Lou” – A South Korean lady explain where the rail road was

40- Bali, driving our scooter, surfing, exploring waterfalls and enjoying Bali

41- In Iran, the family who suddenly offered us plate with watermelon diced at the park; the baker who did not let us pay for our bread; the woman who paid for our taxi; the bus passenger who did not allow us to pay for our bus ride. “Welcome to Iran!” they all said (Read more here)

42- To realise that we have spent so much time together. Amd it is really hard to stay far from one another nowadays

zoroastrian temple

43- And how to forget all the people who crossed our paths this past year: all the children, volunteers and workers in Kenya; all the Más Por Ellos and Lisha Mtoto family; Sila and his family; Toto, David and Mama; Mum and the children from St Francis; Otieno; Peter Salewa; David and Emily; Catherine, Garry and their children; Sara; Phil; Craig and Jimmy; Jannes; Nuno; Haleh and family; Ahad, Mahdi, Mosi, Sara, Ahmad, Parbaa, Mehdi and daughter, Afshin and family, Arash and family and friends, Kevin and friends; Janna and crew Aramma; Ilkin and family; Saim; Luiza and Gi; Diego and Andrea; Magda; Beso; Max; Vera and Kostya, Nadejda, Sergey; Tash, Jason and family; Ed; Leo and Gracia; Hanif and family; Sonia; Serginho and Rayssa; Barbara e Pedro; Giordano, Juan, Kaire, Liam and Joaquin, KK, Kesh and Nikita and many many others. Please, receive our biggest gratitude to have helped us, taught us and marked our lives.