Camels in Diani Beach in Kenya
Camels in Diani Beach

Visiting Kenya: 5 reasons why it should be your next destination

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You have just decided you next travel destination. You are visiting Kenya! See five reasons why you made the right choice:

1) Maasai Mara

Visiting Kenya

It is one of the best African safaris. It is the house of the big 5 (lion, buffalo, elephant, rhinos and leopards) and in July you will be able to see the wildebeest migration. These animals run in a speed up to 50 mph, thus imagine how cool it would be seeing these wildebeests running that fast, non-stop. People say it is one of the wonders of this world.

Besides having the opportunity to observe some of the most fascinating animals in their natural habitat, you will also be able to understand better about the Maasai culture, the local tribe. They are one of the Kenyan tribes most famous to have kept their traditions almost intact – Kenya is formed by 53 tribes.

2) Diani beach
Visiting Kenya
Photo taken by our friend Rocio Fairen

Awarded the third most beautiful beach in Africa by the Trip Advisor Traveller’s Award (having Seychelles and Camps Bay topping first and second places respectively). It has white sand and blue and calm water from the Indian Ocean. It has an enormous seafood variety, great tourism infrastructure and all at very affordable prices. It is a place slightly unknown still… It is perfect for both group of friends looking for agitation and couple in the pursuit of tranquillity.

3) Making a Safari Game by Bicycle
Visiting Kenya
Photo taken by our friend Nacho Sanz

In the Hell’s Gate National Parks you can. It is not one of the biggest though it is one of the few which you can make a safari game riding a bicycle, by foot and even camping – if you have no fear. Due to its size, the existence of animals is also proportional. However, seeing zebras, giraffes and antelopes very near is practically guaranteed. However, you have to look further for bigger animals such as buffalos, leopards and hyenas – if you are brave enough! The National Park also offers entrance fees much more affordable comparing to the other parks, around US$ 30 for foreigners. In fact, the film “The Lion King” was inspired, mostly, in the life of the animals in Hell’s Gate – which has its name from a narrow break in the cliffs of the Rift Valley Mountains.

4) Victoria Lake

Visiting Kenya

It is the second biggest lake in the world. The city of Kisumu, particularly, offers great infrastructure for visitors and a lively night life too. It is possible to enjoy at bars by the lake while watching hippos and other animals. The water, however, it is not recommendable to swim (bilharzia practically guaranteed!), though it does offer the best fish you will probably ever taste in your life: the famous Tilapia!

Barack Obama’s grandparents come from a local tribe and it is possible to visit the village which Mama Obama (the grandmother) comes from and get to know more about the origins of the president.

5) The people

Visiting Kenya

Kenyans are extremely welcoming and happy people! It is possible to find a lot of music, rhythm and colours everywhere around the country. Take your time to blend in with locals and get to know more about this fascinating culture.

Amongst the many tribes who form the country, you can pick up its similarities, differences and peculiarities. You will need quite a few time in Kenya to start understanding this medley of traditions…

The history of Kenya has been completely influenced by their sad past of colonization, slavery and fight for independence during the more than 60 years of British colonisation. It is really interesting to meet and talk to people about their views on their history. To know more, you can read our post Kenya Path to its Independence.